ISMAR 06 --- Fifth IEEE and ACM International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality --- Oct. 22 - 25, 2006 in Santa Barbara, CA

Registration / Fees


To register for ISMAR 2006, go to the Registration Website and fill out the form there. Payments are accepted via MasterCard or Visa credit cards. Alternately, on-site registration is also available.

Pricing Overview

There is a substantial discount if you register for the main conference together with tutorials or the Industrial AR workshop. The table below shows the prices for all the different registration packages, which will register you for some combination of the Main Conference, the tutorial on Head-worn Displays Fundamentals and Applications, the tutorial on Computer Vision for Augmented Reality, and the workshop on Industrial Augmented Reality. Membership rates are given for members of IEEE, ACM and Eurographics associations.

The "Full Access" package registers you for the Main Conference, both Tutorials, and the Industrial Augmented Reality workshop. The workshop on Mixed Reality Technology for Film Making is not included. It is an affiliated event that you can register for separately.

Note that the tutorials and workshops all take place on Sunday, Oct. 22. The tutorials are half-day events that do not overlap with each other. The workshops are full-day events. Being registered to workshops and tutorials allows you to go back and forth between the different parallel events. Please check the schedule.

The cut-off time for early advance registration is 11:00PM PST, Saturday, September 30.

Student Member Early Late   Student Member Early Late
Main Conference (only)   X $475 $585 1 Tutorial
(No Conference)
  X $140 $175
    $595 $730     $175 $220
X X $230 $310 X X $140 $175
X   $290 $385 X   $175 $220
Main Conference
+ 1 Tutorial
  X $585 $715 Both Tutorials
(No Conference)
  X $200 $260
    $730 $895     $250 $325
X X $340 $440 X X $200 $260
X   $425 $550 X   $250 $325
Main Conference
+ Industrial AR Wkshp
  X $595 $745 Industrial AR Wkshp
(No Conference)
  X $230 $285
    $745 $930     $285 $355
X X $295 $390 X X $95 $115
X   $375 $495 X   $120 $145
Full Access   X $675 $845
    $845 $1055
X X $380 $475
X   $480 $595

The workshop on Mixed Reality Technology for Film Making is not a part of the discount packages offered above and must be registered for as a separate option. The prices for this workshop are in the table below.

Student Member Early Late
MR Film Wkshop   X $145 $180
    $145 $180
X X $95 $115
X   $95 $115